Estimate taxes

Estimate taxes

Tallapoosa County

City Total/Education Millage
Alexander City (AC) 37.5/18.00
Camp Hill (OC) 35.0/18.00
Carrville (CV) 30.0/18.00
Dadeville (OD) 35.0/18.00
District M/Midway (OM) 37.5/18.00
District T (OT) 22.5/10.50
District 25-A (05) 30.0/18.00
Hospital (OH) 30.0/18.00
School District (01) 30.0/18.00

Coosa County

City Total/Education Millage
District 1 South (01) 26.0/15.0
District 2 North (02) 26.0/15.0
Goodwater (04) 31.0/15.0
Rockford (03) 31.0/15.0

Millage rates are combined total of state, county and city. Homestead exemptions are not included. This calculator is for estimation purposes only and uses the tax rates currently available. Actual rates may vary. Consult your local tax officials for more information. This page is not set up to calculate automobile taxes or property taxes for public utilities.